Open Source Intelligence Services

We can gather intelligence on a person or business online to help you avoid risk and make better decisions.

Need professional Open Source Intelligence services to run a cybersecurity investigation on a company or person? MBS Techservices is your best partner. Whether you wish to learn more about your potential business partner to minimize the risk of the upcoming deal or require a better view of your existing or prospective employees, Open Source Intelligence gathering is the right solution

What Is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to any data that can be gathered legally by using free public sources such as online media or social networks. Using the Internet as its main tool, our OSINT investigators track, collect, and synthesize all digital footprints related to the topics or persons under investigation. They thoroughly compile all the available information to develop case reports. These reports are sufficiently substantiated to be presented as supporting evidence in the court of law, for insurance claims, corporate personnel inquiries, or any other purposes demanding a high level of legitimacy. 

MBS Tech offers a follow up service in Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat training for corporations when concerning issues are uncovered during the OSINT investigation.

MBS Tech’s partnership with IBM offers the best protective solutions against cyber crimes uncovered by OSINT. 

Who Needs Open Source Intelligence Services

OSINT has multiple applications for businesses and individuals. Whether you need to clarify some personal matters, study your competition, or need more data to support your business decisions, our investigators will provide complete evidence based on all information available in the cyber space. 

OSINT for Business Owners and Corporate Executives

Entering into a contract, partnership, or any other business relation is an involved venture with potentially serious consequences. Our services will help your business learn whether another party represents reputational or legal risk to you. Our OSINT investigators will answer every question to make sure that you enter into business deals with a clear understanding of your counterparties.

Human Resources OSINT Services

Whether you are in a corporate human resource office or recruitment business, you are entrusted to place the right individuals. Background checks are standard procedures when individuals are considered for hire. Those checks, however, do not paint the complete picture. Our investigators can help businesses get a better view of the potential hires or existing employees and contractors. MBS Tech offers stand-alone reviews or ongoing monitoring services to ensure the safety and security of your business operations and reputation.

OSINT Investigations for Insurance Companies

Insurance fraud is very costly, with insurers paying off millions of dollars in fraudulent claims. Modern technology offers multiple outlets and opportunities to conceal wrongdoings; tech-savvy fraudsters get better and better at using them. MBS Tech offers services in support of insurance investigation, which can save a great amount of time and money. Our tenured cyber space investigators can help discover data that can be difficult to uncover through conventional means.

OSINT for Legal Services

The availability of accurate and complete data is critical for any type of litigation- civil or criminal. Law firms or any other legal services, whether representing the plaintiff or defense, need to have at their disposal all data, whether it is “good” or “bad.” Availability or lack of this information can make or break the case.

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