Defense Consulting


Support with procurement, contracting and dealing with the governmental departments and agencies. 

MBS Tech originated as a cyber security solutions and services provider. David Morrish, MBS Tech’s founder and Indigenous (Metis) veteran, has been deeply involved with the defense and intelligence community via various industry associations and independent contractors. Knowledge gained from this involvement prompted MBS Tech build cyber and physical defenses for our clients on the intelligence and military principles. Our company began offering multiple layers of defense against internal and external threats of cyber or physical nature. With the time, our connections with defense and intelligence community grew deeper and defense advisory emerged as a natural  business extension.  

How MBS Techservices Can Help Your Company 


Our Consultants are specialized in multiple areas of defense, from design engineering to engaging with the federal government. MBS Tech assists clients on all stages, from designing and certifying to responding to bids, to ensure that their products and services are executed and positioned in the manner appealing to the buyers. MBS Tech has particular expertise in defense requirements, government procurement, contracting, and dealing with the departments and agencies of the Government of Canada, such as DND, Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Public Services and Procurement, regional development agencies, and others.