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Co-Managed SIEM Support

A balanced approach to manage SIEM solution.

The use of Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) technologies has demonstrated a positive impact on organizations in reducing the impact and severity of cybersecurity incidents. SIEM is the gold standard that protects enterprise data centers and provides early warning of intrusions and unauthorized access. It is a complex solution that can be challenging for many IT teams to support. MBS Techservices helps businesses manage their SIEM tools thus reducing their cyber security costs and improving security posture. Our specialty is IBM QRadar, the top SIEM solution available in the market.  

Why You Need Co-Managed SIEM Support

  • Fast pacing technological transformation overwhelms businesses. SIEM technology has evolved and has become more complex with the rapid adoption of virtualization, cloud, and mobile computing.
  • Businesses experience low value from their SIEM: the specialized skills required to manage SIEM tools are in high demand and difficult to retain on a dedicated security team.
  • Businesses are often not comfortable adopting a full-pledge MSSP service, which usually means giving away full control over its IT operations to the third party.

How MBS Techservices Differs from its Competition

MBS Techservices combines industry-leading tools, capabilities, and expertise to help you secure your digital assets, often at a fraction of the cost of staffing and operating your security programs. In a co-managed setting, you will get the best of two worlds: our unique and highly specialized expertise and control over your assets retained by your corporation.


MBS Techservices’ offerings are designed to improve the value of the SIEM to your organization with enhanced system design, technology selection, integration, configuration, and optimization. Your company will receive all benefits of the premium expertise, without the costs of recruiting and keeping full-time experts on staff.

MBS Techservices' SIEM Optimization and Excellence and Co-Managed SIEM Support Services



SIEM Excellence Workshop

This workshop is an excellent starting point for any organization to benchmark its current SIEM deployment and develop a thorough understanding of the current maturity of their security intelligence capability. Using a workshop format, our expert will walk through your current SIEM capabilities, identify risks and opportunities, and prepare an optimization roadmap to guide you as you mature your capabilities. You will be presented with a comprehensive proposal – roadmap for optimizing the SIEM platform including any net new technology, effort to deploy, integrate, and configure.


SIEM Optimization

SIEM Optimization is a customized technology service designed to assist businesses with improving the maturity of the existing SIEM deployment and enhance its security intelligence capabilities. SIEM Optimization must be preceded by SIEM Excellence Workshop. Based on the comprehensive proposal resulting from the workshop, our team will optimize your SIEM including system design, cloud integration, implementation, configuration, offence tuning, workflow, and analysis.


SIEM Managed Security Intelligence

The MBS Techservices team will deploy and integrate SIEM with your existing infrastructure, data, and applications and will assist with offence monitoring, performing investigations, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. Our experts will adjust SIEM performance as corporate data sources and technological features change. Dedicated security specialist will work alongside your team to provide policy tuning, lower the rate of false positives, and SIEM metrics and operations reporting.


Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting Services

Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting (SIOC) is for organizations who wish to ensure a smooth transition to managed service providers or need a higher level of advisory services during Steady-State Operations, such as emergency response guidance or SIEM reconfiguration/expansion assistance. SIOC Consulting is customized to your unique requirements and may include:

  • Enhancement of SIEM with third-party integrations, applications and use cases;
  • Vulnerability scanning and integration with SIEM;
  • Customer parser (DSM) creation and maintenance; and
  • Cloud SIEM or SaaS application security configuration, monitoring, and maintenance.



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