Security Web Gateway And Its Role In Corporate Cyber Security

Cyber threats from the Internet are becoming more sophisticated and malicious. The more difficult it is for today's businesses to protect their network users and scale protection as the company grows. The Security Web Gateway (SWG) allows distant users to seamlessly authenticate and have the same security policies on their devices if they were in the office. In this way, it's possible to set up a secure connection regardless of the point of entry into the system, guaranteeing the protection of all Internet traffic.

What is Web Security Gateway – Concept, Features, Benefits

A cyber security web gateway is a solution that can prevent insecure traffic from entering an organization's internal network. It also prevents users from accessing malicious web traffic on the Internet and in the cloud, which can infect their devices and compromise the internal network clients.

Besides, web gateway security ensures that the organization's information security policies are implemented and complied with. Seasoned IT specialists may apply this as a software component or hardware device at the network's edge or endpoints.

According to research by Gartner experts, the minimum secure web gateway requirements are URL filtering, malware detection and filtering, and application management. Specialists also often use it with built-in or integrated data loss & insider threat prevention tools.

Other Security Web Gateway Features

In addition to the main SWG functions described above, this solution allows clients to:

  • Analyze encrypted traffic. The web gateway compares all traffic against local and global threat lists and reputable sources. It then analyzes the traffic nature to determine if the content or code poses any threat.
  • Prevent data loss. Web gateway scan all data for confidentiality before uploading. All information coming in and out of social media is monitored and filtered.
  • Strengthen web security by integrating SWG with anti-malware and SIEM solutions.
  • Authenticate users when creating different privacy policies, different levels of malware protection, URL filtering, and SSL scanning.

How Cyber Security Web Gateway Works


  1. The SWG, either as a software or hardware device, connects to the end user's device, configures itself, and starts running in the background.
  2. Users connect to a web gateway instead of directly connecting to a specific website when accessing the Internet.
  3. The solution filters URLs and visibility of websites, allowing access only to reputable and trusted resources.
  4. The security web gateway also monitors the traffic while visiting the site, checking for malicious content.

The SWG provides an overview of all users' web traffic, no matter where they are. It also provides highly scalable monitoring, providing a high level of detail (such as domains, IPs, countries, applications, or endpoints). The web gateway configuration is global, which means that the solution's capabilities remain the same, regardless of the location of employees.

How to Choose SWG Solution for Your Company

Almost all modern SWG software fully complies with the basic secure web gateway requirements. It means that any product will do the job, giving you the freedom to choose from additional features and benefits. You can learn more about that from solutions offered by ZScaler and ForcePoint.

We always recommend an expert approach involving experienced cyber security professionals who can study your company's specifics & requirements, tailoring the ideal solution.

Delegate Web Gateway Security to MBS Professionals

Despite the vast possibilities and functionality of security web gateway solutions, this is still one of the measures that your company's information security strategy should include. After all, what's the point in buying expensive feature-rich applications and software if they do not interact with each other and you do not use their potential to the maximum? MBS Tech Services specialists do a great job of solving this problem by designing and delivering well-customized cyber security solutions carefully tailored to individual needs.



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