Cybersecurity Tips for Working From Home

  1. Set VPN for PC, laptop, and mobile devices, create an encrypted network connection to make sure that your employees can have a safe remote access to data and other resources within your organisation and on the internet.
  2. Set advanced password management software to help avoid risky employee behavior and giving yourself options to control devices remotely.  Enable multi-factor authentication and other layers of security for all apps and tools used by employees. 

    Review and reinforce password-related policies with the staff. Read our recommendations on best practises on “Password Management”. We also encourage you to review the features and functionality of  Privileged Access solution that helps to control access and manage passwords of privileged, service and shared accounts, and many more.

  3. Whenever possible, provide your employees with the properly secured corporate devices, educate them on dangers of opening unknown websites and attachments and clicking unverified links, clicking unknown links in emails and text messages.