Open Source Intelligence

Gathering intelligence on a person or business online.

What is OSINT

Having Internet as the main tool, the OSINT investigators track, collect, synthesize all digital footprints related to the topics or persons under investigation and develop case reports. These reports are sufficiently substantiated to be presented as supporting evidence in the court of law, for insurance claims, corporate personnel inquiries or any other purposes demanding a high level of legitimacy.

How MBS Tech Does It

Our tenured investigators rely on the latest techniques and their profound experience that allow them to gather deep web information. The information is then compiled into a report with completely traceable references. Reports are acceptable for use in multiple settings and passed onto clients to make informed decision about individuals, businesses or events under study. Data is sought from multiple sources including but not limited to

  • Online media and publications
  • Website ownership
  • Blogs, discussion groups, citizen media
  • Social media
  • Professional and academic publications
  • Public government data
  • Commercial resources

Who Needs These Services

OSINT has multiple applications for businesses and individuals. Whether you need to clarify some personal matters, study your competition or need more data to support your business decisions, our investigators are well-equipped to provide complete evidence on the basis of all information available in the cyber space.

Business Owners and Corporate Executives

Entering into a contract, partnership or any other business relation is an involved venture with potentially serious consequences. When firms enter into business deals, they are mainly focused on financial side of things. A thorough research on prospective counterparties might seem to be a demonstration of distrust.

  • Can you answer with the confidence that these arrangements, especially those carrying long-term implications, will is truly beneficial to your business?
  • Can you afford to risk it? Do you really know who you are entering a relationship with?
  • Are there any chances that another party’s reputation can tarnish or even ruin yours?
  • Have they or are they facing now litigation cases or fraud allegations?
  • How other counterparties perceive them?
  • Are their moral and ethical codes aligned with yours?
  • Is there a history of disciplinary actions filed with a local professional regulatory board?
  • Do they have undesired political or business associations?
  • It there anything in their background what can have a negative impact on your stakeholders?

Our investigators will answer these and many other questions to give you peace of mind. We will make sure that you enter into business deals with a clear awareness of your counterparties.

Human Resources

Whether you are in a corporate human resource office or recruitment business, you are entrusted to place the right individuals. Background checks are standard procedures when individuals are considered for hiring. In most cases, those are comprised of running the contact reference, financial and criminal checks. Those checks however, do not paint the complete picture. For example, the same individual could have committed crimes in other jurisdictions, remains under criminal investigation, or has not yet been charged at that moment. He or she can be a member of a nefarious fringe organization posing social or even criminal threats to the society. A potential threat to the corporation can come from less offensive, but a rather costly behavior pattern such as spending many work hours on social media sites. Our investigators can help businesses get a better view at the potential hires or existing employees and contractors. MBS Tech offers stand-alone reviews or ongoing monitoring service to ensure the safety and security of your business operations and reputation.


Insurance fraud is very costly with insurers paying off millions of dollars in fraudulent claims. Modern technology offers multiple outlets and opportunities to conceal wrongdoings; tech-savvy fraudsters get better and better at using them. As a result, investigation of the claim legitimacy is becoming more and more tenuous and technically challenging. You need to have on your side forces that can outperform and outsmart offenders. MBS Tech offers services in support of insurance investigation, which can save a great amount of time and money. Out tenured cyber space investigators can help discover data, which is difficult to be uncovered through conventional means.

Legal Services

Availability of the accurate and complete data is critical for any type of litigation, civil or criminal. Law firms or any other legal services, whether representing plaintiff or defense, need to have at their disposal all data whether it is “good” or “bad”. Availability or lack of this information can make or break the case. Some examples of data that we can help with obtaining are listed below:

  • Skip tracing, finding witnesses, known or unknown at the time of incident
  • Obtaining discussion of incident by plaintiff, defendant or witnesses on social media
  • Obtaining online-located evidence of the incident
  • Discovery of hidden assets or concealed evidence
  • Identifying changes in mode of living such as acquisition of luxury vehicles, vacation homes, expensive house upgrades, etc.

No matter what type of business or function you are running, we can help you with the information gathering.

MBS Tech offers follow-up services in reputation management and cyber warfare.

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