Espionage and Insider Threats

Assessment, development of policy and procedures, and employee training on internal threats and industrial espionage.

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Learn From Us How to Recognize the Signs of and Prevent Malicious Intents

In industrial espionage efforts, cyber breaches are often accompanied by gaining physical access to corporate assets. That’s why even sophisticated cyber security solutions are not always sufficient to ensure their protection; an encompassing approach is required to ensure proper protection of assets.


These days, businesses have to deal with a constantly increasing number of threat sources that many are neither equipped to deal with nor sometimes even capable of recognizing. Industrial espionage is real. Adversaries, such as foreign intelligence services, criminals, and private sector spies, have routinely taken efforts in attempts to break through corporate defence walls on all levels. With the increased integration and mutual dependencies that exist between industry as a whole and individual businesses, it is unavoidable that vulnerabilities of one entity open doors to the complete network of all industry’s participants. In the end, access to  information on intellectual property, trade secrets, and technological developments helps adversaries penetrate the foundations of the nation’s economy alongside jeopardizing individual businesses.

Industrial espionage is not a new concept, however the new avenue of pursuing their objectives in the cyber environment increases complexities in counting and requires involvement of more resources and implementation of new measures. It is very common that espionage actors target individual businesses via inside elements (employees, contractors, vendors) and exploit them as portals to critical data. Nefarious insiders’ authorized access or insider knowledge of critical assets offers them opportunities to compromise information, sabotage infrastructure, and inflict other harm. Another complication cames from the intents of commiting the insider crime. The driving factors can range from a personal dissatisfaction with the employer to a nation-level espionage ring; incorrectly distinguishing between them can have serious consequences for the business or even nation. 

Corporate IT and security personnel are typically neither trained on these issues nor held responsible for ensuring that the appropriate monitoring and defence mechanisms are in place. MBS Tech helps organizations combat these threats by establishing comprehensive and integrated programs that targets individuals from various departments, business units and supporting functions.

Whether you’re a Government or private sector organization, our consultants can help:

  • Conduct assessment of the current business stance of your organization;
  • Audit organizational processes and procedures;
  • Identify suspicious and malicious activities and behavioral indicators, and determine vulnerabilities;
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated Espionage and Insider Threat Program, which limits and neutralizes the actual and potential damage;
  • Train employees responsible for protecting business assets.


Contact us to learn how we can help your business reduce the existing and potential damage from insider threates and espionage actors.