Cyber Security Report of April 1, 2020: Protect Your Assets During COVID-19 Crisis

Over the course of the last month, we have observed four major trends in cyber security attacks. They have been developing in line with the global crisis that has touched every business and individual.  

  1. Massive uptick in mobile and network cyber attacks: as most businesses have moved to remote operations, the mobile force has skyrocketed thus drawing the attention from nefarious elements.
  2. The volume of corporate spam e-mails is dwindling: with no workforce left in the office to read spam on their corporate desktops, the focus is shifting away from this mode.    
  3. More fraud (websites, emails) activities related to the crisis directed at individuals: as we are searching for answers and more information during these difficult times, cyber criminals play on our fears and compassion for victims trying to take a full advantage of our vulnerabilities and good nature. 4. While the attack surface has shifted from desktops and laptops to mobile, cyber attack methods remain the same with phishing and malware dominating the scope.